Island Life | Early Saturday Mornings!*

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Everyone knows, I am not a morning person.. I don't know what the issue is, I don't know when I've become this person but as of right now; wake me up at what seems to be an ungodly hour and I will give you the stare of death.. Weirdly, I don't mind staying up all night to do something in the morning but I can't go to bed and be woken up, that is not who I am..

Anyways, cut to last Saturday.. My mom told me about this adventure she had to go on and of course, I never decline an opportunity to do touristy stuff.. But, it was hella early in the morning! To make it worse, I went out the night before and slept for like 3 hours.. 

The moment I got woken up, I was ready to burn anything and everything and just sit and cry.. Note to self and you, don't go out thinking you'll wake up just fine.. You won't! Good luck next time you do it though, 'cuz you and I both know, we don't listen, haha..

As soon as we got to the first destination and the fresh beachy air hit me, my soul was so happy.. We went to see where the sea creates these holes and caves in the rocks.. Afterwards, we went to this mountain.. 

Nobody told me there would be this much hiking involved.. ugh! And then you get to the top.. How freaking glorious.. Such a beautiful view and it was so quiet.. Beautifully peaceful!

After taking all of that in, we went to what used to be a hospital in time of war..
So creepy yet very exciting.. The hospital is empty and pretty small compared to what we know as hospitals now but it's amazing that it's still standing after so many years..

A bit further down, there's this fort.. Also from the time of war.. The cannons are still there and you can go up through this extremely small entry.. I love going there, the view is incredible and just by standing there you can imagine how the soldiers must have been positioned..

I don't know much about the history of my island or take the time to do much about it but I surely love visiting the historic places.. There are many more I have yet to visit but I sure plan to do something about that!



New Year | 2017!*

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I was debating.. Do I do new years resolutions or no? Because let's face it, just like every year, two weeks from now, I will have no idea where the note I wrote everything on is, I will have gone back to my routine of living day by day without a plan and then it hit me..

There was this one year, I made a vision board.. Not everything on the board came true but the most important ones, the ones that mattered at the time, did.. I think it was for the year of 2015.. From the top of my head, I remember I had put down to graduate, move back home, get a particular car, to save up, travel, get a job at this one particular company and to be healthier.. 

The year wasn't easy.. Especially in the beginning I remember I struggled quite a bit in some areas.. And then suddenly, everything happend so quickly.. I graduated, I traveled, the car I wanted was waiting for me, I moved back home and had something to do when I got back.. Now mind you, all of this didn't happen without some sweat, tears and anxiety in between but things were happening.. Even when I thought I wasn't gonna make it, I made it..

The more longterm goals were the hardest; like to save up and be healthy but the big plans, the things I really wanted with all my might and heart,those were the ones that came to fruition.. So, as I'm writing up this post, I decided.. Let's give it another shot.. Let's create another vision board..

The goal of the vision board is to help you concentrate and focus your energy on the goals you set for yourself and your life.. From dreams to professional accomplishments, whatever it is you'd like to accomplish, you put it on the vision board and envision yourself already accomplishing this goal while focusing your energy on making it your reality.. 

So, a different twist on resolutions but still a plan to make 2017 great.. Remember that dreams don't work unless you do, the same goes for the vision board.. May your 2017 be one of the best years so far and I hope that all your plans, goals and dreams come to fruition!*



Outfit | Joe Black!*

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I love places that are abandoned.. I always wonder, what's the story.. This little shop is a lottery shop 'Joe Black'.. I'm not even certain whether or not it has been abandoned but on the part of the island it's located; I almost felt as if the people from that particular area may have been too uninterested in gambling to actually help the business thrive.. Either way, I just loved how it looked and imagined my own story behind it.. On a Sunday morning, driving around, being in your own mind can sometimes be the best escape..



Review | L'Oreal Total Repair!*

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When it comes to hair products, I'm always looking for the next best thing.. One day I'm trying to transition to natural and another day I'm roaming around drugstores looking for the best relaxer.. So, as you can imagine, this indecisiveness, can cause a lot of stress and damage to my hair..

A long came, L'Oreal.. Mind you, when I first tried this trio, I was still mid crisis with half relaxed hair.. I was blown away.. A lot of shampoos and conditioners tend to leave my hair brittle and dull.. Not this trio.. I could barely tell a difference between my natural and relaxed hair.. Split ends were barely noticeable and my hair smelled so good!

Two weeks down the road, I decide to relax my hair anyways because whatever, and my natural brown color was coming through, so I colored it black also.. 

This time around, I applied the mask also, to minimize the amount of damage the chemicals would do to my hair and again.. After I was done, I was like, processed hair,where?! My hair was supple, voluminous, shiny and my ends.. My dear ends look better than before..

All by all, I can honestly say that this trio truly do their names justice and repair the hair.. The difference is instantly noticeable and even on my type of hair, it simply works!

I look forward to see how my hair will be growing while I finish them up.. Fingers crossed!*



Outfit | Low Key Days!*

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Baseball Cap .. Vintage | Necklaces .. Gift & Lovelies by Loeloe | T-Shirt .. Bershka | Jeans .. Bershka | Slides .. Adidas | Bag .. Louis Vuitton 

Usually, on Saturdays I run errands.. Depending on my mood and how much sleep I've had, I'll dress up or down.. As you can see, this was a down day.. It's weirdly satisfying to walk around in just a jeans, t-shirt and some slides.. 

You'd think that the girly part of me would feel all boyish and uncomfortable, but no.. Comfortability up to 100.. I'm not sure how often I would repeat this outfit or any variation of it but for a change, it was nice..

Let's see what I'll wear this week.. I'll probably be back to dresses and skirts in no time!*

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