Outfit | Joe Black!*

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Hat | Soho Boutique .. Cardigan | Boohoo .. Top | H&M .. Shorts | Madrag .. Bag | Zara .. Sandals | Mango .. Jewelry | Handmade & Lovelies by Loeloe

I love places that are abandoned.. I always wonder, what's the story.. This little shop is a lottery shop 'Joe Black'.. I'm not even certain whether or not it has been abandoned but on the part of the island it's located; I almost felt as if the people from that particular area may have been too uninterested in gambling to actually help the business thrive.. Either way, I just loved how it looked and imagined my own story behind it.. On a Sunday morning, driving around, being in your own mind can sometimes be the best escape..



Review | L'Oreal Total Repair!*

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When it comes to hair products, I'm always looking for the next best thing.. One day I'm trying to transition to natural and another day I'm roaming around drugstores looking for the best relaxer.. So, as you can imagine, this indecisiveness, can cause a lot of stress and damage to my hair..

A long came, L'Oreal.. Mind you, when I first tried this trio, I was still mid crisis with half relaxed hair.. I was blown away.. A lot of shampoos and conditioners tend to leave my hair brittle and dull.. Not this trio.. I could barely tell a difference between my natural and relaxed hair.. Split ends were barely noticeable and my hair smelled so good!

Two weeks down the road, I decide to relax my hair anyways because whatever, and my natural brown color was coming through, so I colored it black also.. 

This time around, I applied the mask also, to minimize the amount of damage the chemicals would do to my hair and again.. After I was done, I was like, processed hair,where?! My hair was supple, voluminous, shiny and my ends.. My dear ends look better than before..

All by all, I can honestly say that this trio truly do their names justice and repair the hair.. The difference is instantly noticeable and even on my type of hair, it simply works!

I look forward to see how my hair will be growing while I finish them up.. Fingers crossed!*



Outfit | Low Key Days!*

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Baseball Cap .. Vintage | Necklaces .. Gift & Lovelies by Loeloe | T-Shirt .. Bershka | Jeans .. Bershka | Slides .. Adidas | Bag .. Louis Vuitton 

Usually, on Saturdays I run errands.. Depending on my mood and how much sleep I've had, I'll dress up or down.. As you can see, this was a down day.. It's weirdly satisfying to walk around in just a jeans, t-shirt and some slides.. 

You'd think that the girly part of me would feel all boyish and uncomfortable, but no.. Comfortability up to 100.. I'm not sure how often I would repeat this outfit or any variation of it but for a change, it was nice..

Let's see what I'll wear this week.. I'll probably be back to dresses and skirts in no time!*



ShowRoom | Lovelies by Loeloe!*

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If you follow me on Snapchat you would know that last Saturday I went to visit Lovelies by Loeloe.. As the showroom is located on Colombusstraat in Punda, I made a whole trip out of it..
As I walked into the shared artistic space, you can imagine the boost of energy I got just by being there.. I loved it!

Lovelies by Loeloe creates handmade jewelry.. When I got there, she was making chokers.. These haven't even been added to the collection yet, but she made me a custom piece right there and then.. 

Most of the stones she uses are precious or semi-precious.. The pieces are delicately and meticulously made.. And the results are gorgeous!

For more on her collection, make sure to visit her website and/or Facebook page..
Don't see what you're looking for? Freely contact her for a custom piece!

E-mail: loveliesbyloeloe@hotmail.com
Instagram: Lovelies By Loeloe



Outfit | Pastel!*

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Bodysuit .. H&M | Skirt .. H&M | Sandals .. New Look | Bag .. Parfois

There's this meme about finally putting on this outfit you had envisioned and you look like a potato.. It's one of my faves because it's so relatable! However, on this day I had the opposite feeling.. I was like 'yaaas, bomb!' but maybe too much for where I was going? Maybe I should save the outfit for later?

Nope, we go by the motto 'wear whatever we want, when we want'.. So, here I am, with my cute outfit, without my standard scoped out location to make my picture more blog worthy.. But you know what, sometimes, it's ok.. 

Raw, in the moment pictures with lesser lighting can be just as inspiring 'cause this outfit still poppin'.. Loves it!*

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